KS DACHE Taxi App in NYC

KS DaChe takes advantage of technologies that have become commonplace for most of us: Smartphones and social networks. Sign up for an account with a rideshare company, download the respective app, and with a few swipes you’ve set up a customized ride for yourself, all without the help of a surly dispatcher. The cost may be less than that of a regular taxi and you can obtain price quotes ahead of time.

Better Car Service.

Passengers rate drivers, and KS DaChe deactivates poorly rated drivers. Drivers therefore have an incentive to maintain a clean car and provide good service。

Convenience Upon Pickup.

No need to call dispatch, wait in a line, or wave from a curb. Tap “request” on your phone from the comfort of indoors and wait for a push notification that your driver is “arriving now.” Our drivers arrive in less than a minute.

Easy Dispute Resolution.

Each ride receipt includes a map and a GPS track, so you can complain if your driver took a circuitous route. In my experience KS DaChe is prompt with refunds.

Lower fare.

KS DaChe Taxi App is cheaper than a taxi in almost every U.S. market, including New York City.

About KS Dache

New York City's First Platform partnership with TLC car service bases.

KSDACHE is the best way to get in New York City. Download the app and get a ride in minutes. Or sign up to drive and earn money on your schedule. If you want to switch to Chinese Version, just click 纽约电召车平台.